The idea is baked, the concept firm; so H10 launches tomorrow. What do we need to work on now? Three things:

1) our own version of Kickstater. We need to able pull together funds (whether $25 or $25,000.) We need to keep it simple and very legal. Something off the shelf should do just fine.

2) we need a database of people that would be interested in supporting our venture. Sorta like, but for the rest of us. I assume that most of these folk will become “Friends of H10” and will be support ventures in one form or another.

3) we need to plan an event calendar to come together; our own smaller version of the Allen & Co. Sun Valley event. Maybe it should be in Vegas during CES? We also need bi-annual launch events for the graduating ventures. BTW if you don’t know Allen & Co. read this

”]Zhang Ziyi at Allen & Co conferenceOr maybe the event should be held at Oak Bluffs? Or Idelwild? Maybe one of  Shelia Johnson’s resort properties, like Woodlands Inn near Charleston, SC. Or maybe someplace simple like Serenbe or Stone Mountain Park? Does it matter? Or is the important part pulling the right people together to focus on supporting and growing the H10 venture? Thoughts? BTW, we need Brother Parsons as an H10 advisor…