Questions a potential H10 partner should ask themselves:

A) What’s in it for me? What would I want out of H10?

B) What would I be doing day to day? What am I capable of doing for H10 ventures everyday?
Check to see if what your are willing to put in (Question B) deserves your answer to Question A.

C) Am I capable of being a coach, or am I just a player?
Jordan is not a Phil Jackson level coach (yet)!

D) Can I afford to act “altruistically” in the short-term, to get “paid” in the long-term?
Remember – H10 is a Golden Gate Bridge type of endeavor.

E) What do I bring to the table? Experience, time, money relationships? And what’s its value?

F) Do I really give a damn that other took time to help me along the way? Or do I just want to make a few phone calls a week on behalf of H10 venture, take a couple of lunches and expect a huge financial return 24 months from now?
If you answered – No and Yes, H10 is not the right place for you…