Is Crazy Legs’ Lunch Breaks Show an Internet Business?

First, you have admire Crazy Legs, the original “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Hip Hop artist. I’ve been a fan since determined that I was a B-Boy back in 8th grade (that would be 1981). But to find Crazy Legs doing an afternoon “Lunch” show was over the top – more than I could imagine – and I have a HUGE imagination…

Crazy Legs Lunch Breaks Show on Ustream

So why is it that VCs chase after $50 million deals and avoid simple, straight forward web businesses? What could be more simple that Crazy Legs on the turntables making lunch? What is his overhead? How much could it cost to produce a show? How much would Adidas, Puma or Nike pay to have sponsor this show? How about Logitech? How about Microsoft? Twice on the show they yelled out “Come on Food Network”! Why not?

It’s the same argument that I have around my favorite YouTube personality Ateyaaa. Not only is she BIG on YouTube but her style is unique and original, I would argue that she has more influence that many of the shows on HGTV or Food Network. One of the unique angles is that she (and Crazy Legs) is the content – she works on her own hair. Her content is not some over-hyped, reality type format. It her, in her bathroom, doing her hair, for her audience. Powerful. This is where the money will be found in the age Google TV and Boxee. So what’s the business model? It should be as simple as the show: