“No one is born big” – Jamaican folk saying

In a meeting with BrokenCurve, we were kicking around the idea of small focused start-ups vs. highly funded, “Go big or go home” style start-ups. It brought us to the question of why investors under value the profitable, cash flow positive internet business. I was dumbfounded and stuck. Then Iziah tossed this nugget of wisdom on the table – “No one is born big!”. Profound. He went on to explain that most of the successful web businesses started out small, “some were just a Worpress install and a dream”.

It dawned on me that I might be living the Techcrunch “Go-Go World” where it seems as if 10 internet start-ups are funded  everyday. Maybe I need other reference points that focuses my attention on Kickstarters of the world, or 37signal of the world. “No one is born big”

Got it…